Tips to Submit Sitemap/site

Submitting sitemap to above seek engines is an important and able way to get indexed all of web pages quickly. Often webmaster has two types of sitemaps- HTML sitemap and XML sitemap.

HTML Sitemap is for user account and not for to abide it to seek engines. Having an html sitemap on a website makes it simple to admission to its users as if a user searching for any page of your website again he can bang on sitemap to get all links for centralized web pages.

XML sitemap is for Seek engines it helps seek engine spider to clamber all the URLs added frequently at the aforementioned abode because it provides added advice to seek engine spider. An XML sitemap includes account of all URLs of a website with advice like if it was updated, how abundant time it usually takes to accept some change, what is the accent of a accurate page in allegory to others

Creating an XML Sitemap:
Creating an absurdity chargeless sitemap is aswell so important because if you accept even a little absurdity it may could cause of indexing problems. So if your hosting providers accommodate utilities to actualize your sitemap again its acceptable and if not again aswell no charge to anguish as some chargeless or paid accoutrement are aswell accessible on the web.

For creating XML sitemap you can use It is absolutely a bigger advantage to actualize XML sitemap to a website. It is so simple to just go to website and access your website URL into the architect box you aswell accept options to change frequency, endure modification date and antecedence and again bang on start. In a few minutes, XML sitemap will generate. Just copy-and-paste the consistent sitemap into notepad, save it and upload to your website with the book name: sitemap.xml

If you wish to validate the XML above-mentioned uploading to the seek engines attending at the XML validator area you can put in the URL of your sitemap and analysis it according to the standard.

Submitting sitemap to Google:
Google originally developed the XML action which defines the anatomy of an XML certificate for sitemaps. You can abide your XML sitemap to Google through Google webmaster accoutrement at by creating an annual at-

To submit a sitemap to Google you also have to prove that you are the owner of the particular website. The verification is achieved by adding a meta tag between the head tags on your site homepage.

Submitting site/sitemap to Yahoo:
Submitting sitemap to Yahoo is not very different from submitting a sitemap to Google. Yahoo! Site Explorer is a dedicated service for webmasters from Yahoo. First you need to create a yahoo account to submit a site/sitemap to yahoo then go to-

and submit your website URL and click to "add my site" button. After that click on verification button then you get an option to download a verification key html file which you will need to upload to root directory of your web server.

You can then download a verification key html file - which you will need to upload to the root directory of your web server. After uploading verification key, come back to Site Explorer and click to start authentication. Verification process may take up to 24 hours. Here you can also add your sitemap by clicking on the manage button and then adding the sitemap as a feed.

Submit site to MSN:
Like yahoo you need not to have an msn account to submit your site you can submit your site URL to MSN just by going to-

MSN do not support direct submission of sitemap, they do suggest on their blog that you add a reference to your Sitemap into your robots.txt file.

For example:

User-agent: * Sitemap:
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
This would tell MSN and also to other search engines to crawl your sitemap file but not to crawl your cgi-bin directory.

Above information will sure help you in creating and submitting your sitemap to major search engines. If you have any comments or queries feel free to send it to me.

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